Water Well Project

Quilimani, Mozambique  – At EFC 39 last week, Irshaad ‘White Tiger’ Sayed put on a brilliant display win his main card fight against Oumpie ‘Lion Heart’ Sebeko via a convincing unanimous decision. Sayed is not just an excellent mixed martial artist, but also a renowned philanthropist. After his previous bout last year against Abdul ‘Hollywood’ Hassan, he ran up and down Cape Town’s mountain Lion’s Head several times to raise money for water wells in Mozambique. Along with the support of fans, Sayed managed to raise a significant which allowed the local communities to purchase and build twenty-four wells. 

After Sayed’s bout last week in Cape Town, he travelled back to Mozambique to see the progress on the wells. With amazing results, Sayed stated on Facebook, “Thank you to everyone that donated to the Lions Head Charity Run, we managed to raise over R200 000 and built a total of 24 water wells in rural areas in Mozambique. You have no idea how much you have bettered the lives of these people with a simple well.” 

You can view Sayed using one of the wells on his Facebook page here: efcww.com/1Favqcl